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CFL Bulbs vs LED

Your heating and cooling costs account for the majority of your home’s electric bill. Lighting, however, still takes up a large chunk of your energy expenditure. If you’re looking for ways to save money on utilities and eliminate excess heat inside the home, making the switch from incandescent bulbs to...

Trends Impacting the Global HVAC Market

Austin HVAC practices are heavily influenced by a variety of trends that sweep through the marketplace. These trends change sporadically based on the introduction of new technologies which help drive the market to new and different places.  If you are interested, it is worth knowing how HVAC trends might impact...

Lift Station Anatomy and Operation

Fox Service Company provides a wide variety of Austin Plumbing repair and services for both our residential and commercial customers. As with most things that work great, lift stations are something you might never consider until they aren’t working correctly. These devices are a critical part of the overall sewage and drainage systems that keep Austin’s plumbing...

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