Fox Commercial Services Nominated Top 200 Best Safety Record

Fox Commercial Services, one of the largest multi-trade service providers in Texas, was nominated for Texas Mutual Insurance’s annual Platinum Safety Award as one of the leading contractors in safe operations. With only 200 companies out of more than 60,000 eligible to receive the reward annually, Fox Commercial Services ranked...

How Do Air Filters Work?

Building operators know the importance of routinely replacing your commercial HVAC system’s filter. Air filters play a vital role in maintaining air quality within the space. The unfortunate fact is they need replacement frequently to ensure the system runs smoothly. Commercial air filters are generally replaced three to four times...

CFL Bulbs vs LED

Sure, your heating and cooling costs account for the majority of your home’s electric bill. Lighting and the type of bulbs, however, take up a large chunk of your energy expenditure too. If you’re looking for ways to save money on utilities and eliminate excess heat inside the office, making...

Commercial Cooler Repair In Austin: Who To Trust With Your Inventory?

Medical laboratories, restaurants, grocers, and convenience stores, all rely on commercial cooler repair experts to protect their products and inventories. Ask any restaurateur, there is little worse than a walk-in cooler or freezer suddenly going down. Refrigeration companies seem like a dime-a-dozen, but consider the following before calling any old repair company....

Lift Station Anatomy and Operation

Fox Commercial Services  provides a wide variety of plumbing repair and services for our commercial customers. As with most things that work great, lift stations are something you might never consider until they aren’t working correctly. These devices are a critical part of the overall sewage and drainage systems that keep plumbing and sewage disposal...

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