Temporary Air Conditioning for Austin’s Commercial Buildings

Temporary Air Conditioning for Austin’s Commercial Buildings

Temporary Air Conditioning

Have you ever wished for temporary air conditioning when your’s breaks? Commercial HVAC system repair is not always camped in the land of instant gratification. Depending on the make and model of your HVAC system, the nature of the breakdown, and the experience of your HVAC repair technician, sometimes an office can go days without an operating HVAC system. Even worse a full blown HVAC system retrofit takes several days to complete. Sorry to be the one to break that bad news if you’ve never experienced the issue first-hand.

Now everyone has considered working from the comfort of their car’s air conditioning by smartphone because the office AC is on the fritz. Even better, some consider buying a cheap window AC unit just to plug in under your desk? Ok, so those options are a little impractical, at least the second one is, but the fact of the matter is that an office that is too hot or too cold is an unproductive one, studies show. But temporary air conditioning will change the game in minutes.

Old Buildings, New Problems

Austin’s commercial infrastructure dates as far back as the turn of the century, mixed in with buildings that were built in the 40’s-70’s and even construction that carries into today, which is still being erected. If you have the honor of working in one of the older buildings in Austin you can bear witness to their varying idiosyncrasies. From perceivable swaying in the top floors of a few Congress Avenue high rises to the distinct aromas of 100-year-old limestone walls that line the Courthouse, they all have their quirks.

One thing they all have in common though is a lack of natural ventilation, and the tendency to become veritable ovens without using artificial means to condition the air. Building engineers are paid top-dollar to ensure the building is properly maintained and inhabitable. As commercial HVAC systems age though, failure becomes more imminent by the day. While we recommend routine maintenance for both commercial and residential air conditioning systems, the simple fact is all machines eventually break down due to component degradation a.k.a. ‘wear and tear’.

More People Means More Importance

When HVAC systems break down for a homeowner, it’s usually just a temporary inconvenience.   When they break into a commercial building, however, the stakes are much greater. An uninhabitable building equates to lost revenue for businesses and employees, as well as interruptions to their customers’ work days. So while as a father, your home AC is important to have running for your family, as a building engineer your HVAC system is IMPERATIVE to have to work at all times!

The truth is that commercial HVAC systems can vary in type as much as the cars on the road during your daily commute. Not every part is always available at a local parts house, and while those vendors do the best they can rushing ordered parts into town, sometimes this means a few days without AC……<cue Doom music>.

Introducing: Temporary Air Conditioning aka The Spot Cooler

Does a work day without AC sound as gruesome to you as it does to us? Don’t sweat it just yet. Thankfully, there just so happens to be such a thing as ‘portable’ or temporary AC units. These machines stand about 3-4 feet tall, 2-3 feet wide, and depending on the model, surprisingly quiet and effective! The good news is Fox Commercial Services specializes in the rental and application of temporary air conditioning and we can get your office cooled in no time flat.

These units are designed to cool a confined space under the same principle as a normal air conditioner, however, they need to dispose of excess heat and the condensed water produced by cooling the air by directing it back outside of the conditioned space. Due to size and operation, these units are often only employed in a commercial setting, as a temporary application until more permanent (and efficient) forms of HVAC can be employed.

So if you’re reading this with a broken HVAC system making you sweat more than bullets, give the pros at Fox Commercial Services a call, We Can Fix That!

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